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  • is a community that unconditionally accepts us just as we are.

  • is a mirror that reflects back to us the truth, the beauty and the potential of our individual spiritual nature.

  • is a foundation and a support that encourages us to be
    all that we can be.

  • celebrates each one of us; each of us IS a perfect spiritual center expressing the One Life.

Reverend Nancy Herrick

Rev. Nancy Herrick

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Connecting within, with the Divine, with each other


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   I   c h a n g e   m y   g e n e s   b y   c h a n g i n g   m y   t h i n k i n g  .  


Center for Spiritual Living
Spiritual Empowerment Gathering

       6:00-6:25PM: Meditation

       6:30-7:30: Topic and discussion

Wed, April 23:  THE WHOLE SYSTEM: 

Examining Duality, Oneness, Connection & Angels. Any Science of Mind study begins with a deep recognition of our Oneness. Centers for Spiritual Living offer these 10 Core Concepts:

The Triune nature of God
Our Word is creative
Prayer: our conscious use of the One Power
Mental Equivalents
The Eternal Now
Principle of the Cosmic Christ

An easy and valuable way to remember these is the sentence, Oh, To Walk Prayerfully With Another Metaphysician Never Intending Conflict.”

On Wed evening we’ll be looking at a recent scientific article showing that our thoughts can cause specific molecular changes to our genes—

This week’s experiments from the book, E Squared, are in regard to an exploration of our Oneness.

Experiment #1 asks the question, “Can I send a message to someone without being in that person’s presence?”

Here are the instructions (direct from the book):

1. Choose your target. While it’s certainly possible to send a message to practically anyone, I suggest choosing someone you’ve already met. Bruce Rosenblum, professor of physics at the University of California—Santa Cruz, claims that once you’ve met someone and shaken that person’s hand, you are forever entangled.

2. Choose what kind of action or response you want. The more specific you can get, the better. Be very clear about your agenda…

3. Place your target in front of your mind’s eye.

4. “Be” with your target by embodying and experiencing your connection. Words are often an ineffective way to get a message across. Engage all your senses. And believe in your message.

To make it more effective and to add a little fun, shower your target with good thoughts. Send them incomparable blessings. Think about them winning the lottery, getting a date with Channing Tatum, winning a trip around the world.” Expect manifestation within 48 hours.

Experiment #2 tests the old adage “What you appreciate appreciates”. It asks the question, “Is my focus on the negative keeping me from seeing reality?”
Directions:  Keep a journal for 48 hours in which you record and honor all kindnesses, goodness and beauty.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences Wednesday! 

Here's the link to Joel Goldsmith's essay The Message of Easter. Put your trust in the constant love of Spirit.  This is a rich, meaty piece to read during this Easter time.

Dates to honor with our friends and community this week:
Happy Easter: Apr 20
    Happy Earth Day: Apr 23

Looking ahead: Apr 30: THE BEST & THE WORST Bill Schmidt will
                               join Rev. Nancy in a fun illuminating presentation.

Come join in the fun and awakening opportunities!

CSLTC imageThank you for continuing to be a part of CSL Twin Cities!

Centers for Spiritual Living offer the Science of Mind philosophy, publishing the popular Science of Mind Magazine since 1938.  Check out our international organization.

Our Mission / Vision:  
     Aligning Mind & Heart to Change Lives

We study and discuss New Thought Philosophy including Emerson, Chopra, Holmes, Goldsmith, Tolle, Dyer and more.  New Thought is a positive, practical spirituality based on truths found in all major faiths and spiritual traditions.  Here's a message from Ernest Holmes about the Science of Mind. ( more......)

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